Picking longkong in the fruit season

Picking longkong in the fruit season

Tropical fruit season in Chanthaburi

05:39pm, Wednesday 9 May 2012

Visitors to Thailand can experience a gourmet holiday with a difference in the beautiful and unspoilt provinces along the country's southeast coast, where the award winning eco resort Faasai Resort and Spa is celebrating the harvest season. On May 4, 2012 Chanthaburi will kick-off its annual tropical fruit festival featuring the bounty of the land including tropical fruit, local food delicacies, herbs and flowers.

The festival lasts about ten days and in addition to beauty contests, fruit and floral art there is be a lakeside market in the city of Chanthaburi where visitors can buy local products such as fresh fruit, orchids, herbs, aromatic oils, honey and furniture. An annual highlight is the World Durian Festival, a quest for the world's tastiest and most beautiful durian - a large spiky fruit about the size of a football which is loved for its rich and unique taste by some and hated by others for its pungent odor.

Visitors to the province can also pick fruit in local orchards and Faasai Resort and Spa near the seaside bay of Kung Wiman is hosting special holiday packages, so people can learn about the unique ecology of the area, pick fruit, visit local mangroves, fresh water springs and forests and learn about the EM biodynamic nature faming method.

The most famous tropical fruits of Chanthaburi are durian, mangosteen, rambutan, longkong and zalacca.

Durian is green and spiky with sweet creamy yellow flesh; rambutan is enclosed in colorful red, orange, green and yellow spikes with sweet and bland white flesh; mangosteen has a purple skin and white flesh which is sweet, luscious and juicy; longkong has thin and easy-to-peel skin which is a light brown color and the translucent white flesh is sweet and fragrant; zalacca grows on palm trees and has reddish scaly skin and golden flesh that is juicy, sweet, soft and slightly acidic.

The owners of Faasai Resort and Spa Surin Laopha and Bronwen Evans invite visitors to discover the province of Chanthaburi and are offering special packages of activities to visitors throughout the season which lasts about two months.

″Chanthaburi is one of Thailand's best kept secrets,″ says Bronwen. ″It has beautiful beaches and mountains, gemstones and crafts and is steeped in history, as it is an ancient trading port. It is only a two and a half hour drive from Bangkok and what better time to visit it than the fruit season!″

For more information about the special packages and activities, visit www.faasai.com email the resort at info@faasai.com or call Bronwen on +66868892595.

About Faasai Resort and Spa
Faasai Resort and Spa is a 14 room eco-resort in Chanthaburi, Thailand about 200 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. The four-year old resort is owned and operated by a Thai-New Zealand couple, Surin Laopha and Bronwen Evans. It is nestled into a forest covered hill amidst three acres of tropical gardens, overlooking the mangrove-fringed Kung Kraben Bay and is a ten minute walk from Kung Wiman beach.

Awards won by Faasai Resort and Spa
Best Small Hotel Thailand Green Awards 2011
Green award and special award for cultivation and use of herbs and spices from the Governor of Chanthaburi 2011
Outstanding service to the environment and nature in the Eastern region - Thailand Boutique Awards 2010
Best Small Hotel Thailand Green Awards 2009.
Runner-up in the budget category in the 2008 Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards.

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