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Kung Wiman beach - a bay in heaven blog

11:52pm, Thursday 27 December 2018

We first came to Kung Wiman 16 years ago. It was a beautiful but deserted little beach next to a road that twisted around the hills to a fishing village at the end of the peninsula. The beach faces west across the Gulf of Thailand and the sea goes as far as the eye can see before curving into the horizon. An old sign by the beach explained that the name means a bay in heaven - so called ...more

Resort of the Year 2018 for Chanthaburi

06:45pm, Thursday 15 November 2018

Faasai Resort and Spa has won Resort of the Year 2018 for Chanthaburi in the Travel and Hospitality awards. The judges selected Faasai Resort and Spa as Resort of the Year Chanthaburi after reviewing its commitment to eco tourism and responsible travel, guests' reviews and comments, and the services it offers including spa treatments, visits to its organic farm, and local tours. The ...more

Introducing our guests to the richness of nature blog

07:55am, Friday 1 June 2018

In today's technology-driven world nature is idealised and sanitised so it can be a shock for urban dwellers to discover its uncomfortable, dirty, and even scary side. Yet it is so much more worthwhile when we do experience it on such a deeper level. At our farm we have three large cows with beautiful big horns. Since they are our pets they are very tame and as a treat we give them fruit which ...more

A chance to experience nature tourism and pick exotic fruit in Thailand's fruit capital

04:25pm, Friday 4 May 2018

May and June are the best months to enjoy nature tourism and a unique farm experience picking and sampling exotic fruit courtesy of Thailand's award winning eco resort Faasai Resort and Spa. Visitors are flocking to Thailand's fruit capital of Chanthaburi to buy the new season's crop of exotic tropical fruits from local orchards. The highlight is the large spikey durian fruit which is ...more

Two night nature spa package $99

The Joyful Experience of a Yoga Retreat at Faasai

Cultivate healthy balance at the Whole and Happy yoga and nature retreat in Thailand

Visit tropical fruit farm at Faasai

Whole and Happy Yoga Retreat

Nature as classroom

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